Alain Corneau

Fear and Trembling

This is an artsy film, for sure. You probably have never heard about anyone participating in the film. But does fame always mean quality? I don`t care whether it`s true or not. Amelie gets a job of an interpreter for a huge Japanese company - which has been a dream of hers for quite a long time. At first she finds out that she has no work to do - the only work she does is bringing coffee to the other workers. She has a positive relationship with her direct boss Fubuki, though, and even thinks that they are friends. Everything ends when Amelie accidentally meets Tenshi who gives her some real work to do and she gets a chance of being promoted. Fubuki doesn`t accept that for she has worked many years in orded to get into her position and she doesn`t want Amelie to succeed that quickly. So she starts giving her work which Amelie isn`t capable to do. First it has to do with numbers but in the end Amelie ends up working in the toilet of the company, listening to Fubuki`s cynical remarks the whole time. In the end Amelie`s contract with the company expires and she doesn`t go on, especially when Fubuki admits that the only work she believes Amelie is capable of doing is picking rubbish. So she goes back to her native Belgium and becomes a writer. As you can guess, this film is based on an autobiographical novel. What`s weird is that in the first 30 minutes you think that you`re watching quite a nice little comedy, but actually it ends up as a nightmare. Amelie would have probably left sooner, hadn`t she fallen in love with Fubuki. The film was interesting to watch, despite the fact that the subtitles for the film didn`t work perfectly and some of the monologues in French I didn`t get (althoug a part of them I could guess).
2004-12-12 00:00:00
film, 2003