Anal Cunt

Defenders of the Hate

It`s hard to imagine a band more disgusting than "A.C." I mean, can one get more offensive than this band? First - the title of the band itself is ugly enough. Then come the song titles including "All our fans are gay", "Limp Bizkit think they`re black but they`re just fucking gay", "You were too ugly to rape so I just beat the shit out of you", "Even though your culture opresses women you still suck, you fucking towelheads", "You converted to judaism so a guy would touch your dick" etc. Actually I`m not sure that they`re singing anything that can be found on the lyric sheets - since the band prefers evil screaming set to a fast and furious metal music it would come to me as no surprise were they in fact spreading a second message with their music. The best thing about this record is its length - 8.5 minutes. Were it longer, it would have sucked. At this length it was rather refreshing. I`ll never listen to it in my life again though.
2006-07-03 00:00:00
music, 2001