Bel Kaufman

Up the Down Staircase

School of rock? No, school of English and English literature. Sylvia Barret is a young teacher that has taken a job at a normal American highschool. Everything would be great, if the school had turned out just as she thought it would. First, the students were of different ages - some of them were still children, while the others were older than she herself. Then were were the problems of discipline and of the poor state of the school. Sylvia tried to do her best - to make the young people read, to understand that she`s not the enemy. And with some students it actually worked, not with all of them, of course. There was this guy Jose Rodrigez whom nobody cared for, there was Lou Martin - a prankster who was very unhappy most of the time, then there was E.Williams who complained all the time that he was being discriminated because he was black. And there was Joe Ferrone - her favourite student who fell in love with her, because she tried to understand him, no matter how low his marks may have been. The book is organised in quite a remarkable manner - consisting from letters, notes dropped in a box, essays by students etc. A positive experience in reading, quite good ideas in terms of education, some comic episodes.
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book, 1965