Frank Zappa, Peter Occhiogrosso

The Real Frank Zappa Book

Frank Zappa was one hell of a composer, and he was one hell of a guy. A man who looked like a hippie and made fun of hippies; a man who played rock music and despised rock music. A man so crazy that you could say: "Please pork the granite monkey" to him, and he would still have something to say in return. And he wrote a book, how strange it may sound to you. This book appears to be his autobiography or something similar to that, although just the first part of the book tells us facts from Zappas life - his poor family, the first steps towards the world of music, etc. In the latter part Zappa discusses his attitude to life, the universe and everything. Amazingly, not being a huge fan of a big part of Zappas music, I found that I could accept most of his ideas, which once again proved to me what an intelligent person - a phenomenon in the branch of rock music. Quote: "Some scientists state that hydrogen is the main construction material of the universe, for there`s much of it in everything. I don`t agree. I can bet that there`s more stupidity in the world than hydrogen, and IT really is the main construction material of the universe." Apart from that Zappa makes fun of the American government, every other government, the purist church, hell, he knows how to make fun. Still I gotta admit that not all chapters of the book are particulary interesting, but it was a thing worth to read.
2004-11-20 00:00:00
book, 1989