Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand

I`m not sure why I had never listened to this record in its entirety before but that`s a solid fact. While listening to obscure and occasionally completely unknown bands I somehow missed the most popular record of the previous year. Probably it`s for the best for I can judge it now more clearly than at the time when "Take me out" was constantly played on the radio. Still I don`t have much to say - FF did have a really fresh sound on this album, the provided some bombastic tracks which meant fun, fun, fun and the opening "Jacqueline" sounds like Leonard Cohen for the first minute. Yes, and "This fire" is my favourites song on the album.
2005-12-08 00:00:00
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You Could Have It So Much Better

FF bring forth their second album so we`d remember that they exist. Some signs say that it`s better than their first, while most say it`s worse. On some songs they do sound like the Beatles rip-offs, "Eleanor Put your boots one" is one of those tracks. Sure they don`t have the harmonies the Beatles had, probably it`d be better to associate them with John Lennon`s solo work. My favourite song on the album surely is the opening "The Fallen" with its catchy riff and it`s "i don`t give a damn attitude". "This boy" is also cool, a bit like early Brian Eno (circa 1973). If this record has one problem is the lack of diversity - a FF song always sounds like a FF song. "Walk away" sounds as if it was lifted off a Paul McCartney album in the verse and as a typical FF song in the chorus. "Evil and Heathen" is a good nice rocking song sounding a bit like "This fire". Oh, I`ve got to correct myself "Do you want to" is This Fire Part II. It`s got the same disco beat, yet it`s good. Basically I don`t have anything in particular against this record but it isn`t daring enough to become a classic.
2005-10-05 00:00:00
music, 2005

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Klausoties jaunāko "Franz Ferdinand" plati, mani pārņēma sajūta, ka šī grupa daudz mazāk līdzinās daudzajiem atdzimušā garāžroka pārstāvjiem - tādiem kā "The Strokes", "Kaiser Chiefs", "White Stripes" un tamlīdzīgajiem, bet ka savu iedvesmu viņi visvairāk ir smēlušies no "Sparks" astoņdesmito gadu ierakstiem.
2013-10-02 07:32:51
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