Gabriel Aghion

Le Libertin

I first read the play and then watched the film. Probably if I had chosen the other way around I`d appreciate the film more. We still get the same situation where Ms. Trebouche makes a portrait of the philosopher Dennis Diderot (naked), but some of the other stuff is a bit different from the play. First, there`s a bishop who comes to find an underground typography where Diderot`s "Encyclopaedia" is printed. And Trebouche is a weapon in his hands. The film is certainly much nastier than the play. There`s the wife of the baron in whos house Diderot lives, she`s a fat perverted food and sex crazy woman that spends much time with her castrated slave from the East who gives her massage and his never resting flag. Then there`s the wife of some gay dude. This wife of his in the beginning gets oral pleasure from Diderot and after that switches to receiving it from her cousine (female, of course). Hell, it`s somewhat similar to a porn movie, although not really. For example, I don`t think that a naked man chasing his wife in the park and talking philosophical nonsense would fit very well in a porn movie. Still it`s a letdown from the book, but you can`t expect a film to go exactly as a book.
2004-12-19 00:00:00
film, 2000