Ken Loach

Raining Stones

Angļu vecmeistars režisors Kens Loučs (Ken Loach) pēdējo reizi "izpeldēja" plašākai publikai redzamā līmenī 2006.gadā ar "The wind that shakes the barley", kuru tā arī neesmu saņēmies noskatīties. Patiesībā vienīgā viņa filma, ko biju redzējis iepriekš, bija "Sweet Sixteen", un arī par to gluži stāvā sajūsmā nebiju. Taču man rekomendēja noskatīties "Raining Stones", un tad nu to arī darīju.
2008-12-02 17:26:08
film, 1993

Sweet Sixteen

Why is sixteen the number of years when the word "sweet" is usually used? I`ve got no idea for that. You see, at sixteen a person rarely is really sweet stuck in the middle of being a loser at school - either a loser in social rankings, in financial status, in marks, in personal life or somewhere else. And Liam, the main hero of this film, can certainly be called a loser in many categories. He`s not even sixteen yet, but he already doesn`t go to school and lives from selling fags and stolen drugs. He`s Scottish (just like most people in Scotland) so he speaks some really weird language. One thing I`m sure about is that you should use the word "wee" very often if you want to be a real Scottish person. He`s got a friend named Pinball together with whom Liam does what he does. By the way, they don`t use drugs themselves. Liam mainly only wants to help his poor mother who on the other hand doesn`t want to be helped. Somebody told me this film was similar to "Trainspotting" but I didn`t find it that way. First, the story wasn`t that good, then the actors and last but not least the music. If "Trainspotting" provided the soundtrack of a generation "Sweet Sixteen" falls flat at doing that. Yet this ain`t a bad film.
2005-05-23 00:00:00
film, 2002

Looking for Eric

Jē! Šajā filmā vienu no galvenajām lomām atveido pats Karalis Ēriks, viens no Mančestras United pēdējo desmitgažu izcilākajiem futbolistiem, gana skandalozs un pretrunīgs, izcilais centra uzbrucējs ar septīto numuru. Kā viņu sauc? Kan-to-nā!
2010-02-28 11:46:50
film, 2009