Mandie Fletcher

Blackadder II

Hurrah! This is lord Blackadder the way I like him. Gone are the days of foolishly done hair and silly looks on the face. This Blackadder of new, living in the reigh of Elizabeth I is a much trickier fellow than his predecessor. In episode one we are treated through a tribute to Shakespeare`s "The 12th night" where Kate - a young woman - goes to become Blackadder`s servant after her father wanted her to be a prostitute, so she "could work without leaving the house", and after Blackadder realises that she`s a woman he wants to marry Kate, but he fails at that. In episode Two Edmund is made responsible as the planner of executions in England, and he has some trouble after having thought about work optimisation he has executed a fellow earlier than planned. In "Potate", episode 3, Edmund wants to impress the Queen by travelling around the Cape of good hope (in fact: going to France), only because of some accident he does go to the Cape indeed. In episode four Edmund is in debt to an organization of black monks. "Beer" is a jolly good drinking episode, probably the best of the series. The final "Chains", where Blackadder dies again is a bit of a letdown though. In short: this time around everything is very solid and there`s enough laughs in each and every episode, although it is really a sitcom in comparison with the first season that contained some outdoor scenes, yet since the comic level is much higher I can`t not appreciate that.
2006-03-09 00:00:00
film, 1986

Blackadder the Third

History hasn`t been kind to the Blackadder dynasty. Whilst the first of the Blackadder`s was a royal prince, the third Blackadder is nothing but a butler. Of course, he isn`t just a butler but a butler to the prince of Wales who amazingly turns out to be the same fellow who played the villain in the last episode of season two. In the first episode a very young William Pitt the younger wants to overthrow prince George whom he considers a no good money spender (who he surely is), and only Blackadder and his cunning plans can stop Pitt from achieving it. In the second episode prince George has agreed to be the patron of the first English dictionary, yet Baldrick accidentally makes a fire out of it and the whole episode consists of Blackadder trying to write a new dictionary to replace the original - and in the final we learn to know that Baldrick has burned an entirely different manuscript - written by Blackadder himself (by the way this was directly lifted from season two and the execution episode - only this time nobody wears a sack on the head). Episode three is about the French revolution and Scarlett Pimpernel - it`s not that great I gotta say. Episode 4 is actually a single very streched sketch - it`s about prince George who can`t tell the difference between play and real life. But I like the political content about the revolutionary stuff - it`s quite leftist after all. Episode 5 is absolutely worthless about Blackadder trying to find a wife for prince George so he would have more money but as you can probably guess it doesn`t go very well. And finally episode six is about prince George having made love to two nieces of duke Wellington and duke Wellington is ready to kill prince George. Blackadder duels Wellington instead of him, they change clothes and Wellington kills George for being a bad butler. Summary: not a particulary good season, there`s enough of good jokes but I`d love to have more from it.
2006-03-14 00:00:00
film, 1987