Martin Scorcese

Taxi Driver

This is a film that you are bound to know. It`s the highest acclaimed work of Martin Scorcese and one of the most famous films with Robert de Niro as the anchorman. Travis is a Vietnam veteran who suffers from loneliness and who can`t sleep. Therefore he works as a taxi driver. Being dissatisfied with his world, with his life, he goes a bit over the roof. He tries to start a romance with Nancy - an activist for a president elections candidate Charles Palantine, but fails miserably after inviting her to a cinema to watch a Swedish porn movie. Somehow it happens that she is not a fan of this type of movies. After that Travis buys a lot of guns and starts training for cleaning up the city of New York. Why does he do that? Just because he doesn`t like the scum of the city. And he even manages to shoot something like 4 people, and even become some sort of a local hero in the end. What is good about this film? I guess, the acting is quite good, the characters are realistic - especially the one portrayed by De Niro himself. But what`s not that great? At least I could see why this film could be considered that good - it`s level of tension is pretty low and it seems to go for a very, very long time. Maybe I didn`t get something but I wouldn`t call this a real masterpiece, just a good movie.
2005-02-15 00:00:00
film, 1976


This is once again one of the most famous films Martin Scorsese ever did. Basically its a true story about a dude who`s main ambition in life was to become a gangster and he succeeded at that. Robert de Niro is one of the central figures in this film, just like in quite many other films Scorsese did. He`s still not the leading one - it`s Ray Lyota, who plays Danny. Anyhow, the film mostly reminded me of a mix between Coppolas "Godfather" and i-don`t-remember-who`s "Blow". As a matter of fact, most probably "Blow" ripped this film here off, but I don`t care. Visually the film is quite good, acting is top level, the dialogues are also good, but I don`t see how this can be considered a great film, IMDB top 30. A good, solid film but not one that stays in your memory for years and keeps coming up in the most unexpected situations. Oh, I forgot - the music is totally good, there`s even a song by "Cream" in the film.
2005-03-09 00:00:00
film, 1990

The Aviator

Martin Scorsese is a total loser. Even that guy in the film "Loser" was luckier than him. He at least got this hot chick that was featured in the video of the band`s Wheatus only hit. Of course, I don`t remember anything about this film, because I never watched it. But still - Scorsese has got so many Oscar nominations and not a single award. And even the films of his rarely receive many significant awards. So this year the Aviator had something like 11 nominations and got only 5 of them, the best one for a secondary female role. Still, this film isn`t that good so you need to start raving for it failing to impress the academy. The film is about Howard Hughes, a supposedly legendary person, I never bother to know about until this film came out. Apparantly this Hughes fellow was an amateur film director and an amateur plane builder, who succeeded much at that thing at the beginning. He was also quite good at screwing underage actresses. And he got made for hygiene and stopped washing and shaving because he thought that even in watter there were germs. Leonardo di Caprio of "the Titanic" plays him. I bet you hate if this fellow is considered a titanic-one-trick-pony, but I don`t care, `cos I`m listening to the White Stripes right now, and I don`t care. Oh, I already mentioned that once... This is probably not Scorsese at his best, so they say. The film is a movie for the oscars and not for the heart, at least I think like that. Actually his probably best movie - "Taxi driver" - didn`t impress me much as well. But Scorsese is a living legend, and he will never receive an Oscar, if only for being a legend...
2005-02-23 00:00:00
film, 2004

The Departed

(valoda: krievu). Ja ir viena lieta, ko man nav tā arī izdevies saprast, tā ir amerikāņu tautas un kritiķu jūsmošana par Martinu Skorsēzi vienlaikus ar kinoakadēmijas negatīvo attieksmi pret šo režisoru. Daudzi viņu uzskata bez maz par 20. gadsimta (nu jau arī 21.) izcilāko amerikāņu režisoru, kurš turklāt nav saņēmis tā arī nevienu Oskaru. Es esmu redzējis vairākas viņa filmas, bet kaut kā neesmu sapratis, kas tad viņā ir tik unikāls. Ok, "Taxi Driver" bija tīri labs kino, bet ne ar ko ne labāks par daudzām citām klasiskām 70-to gadu filmām. "Goodfellas", kas skaitās viena no labākajām 90. gadu filmām bija normāla gangsteru filma, ne vairāk, "Aviators" bija totāli oskariem domāta filma ar lielisku aktieru ansambli, bet bez odziņas. Hmm, es biju nez kādēļ domājis, ka Skorseze ir atbildīgs arī par "Once Upon a Time in America", kuru gan es nespēju līdz galam noskatīties pārmērīgas garlaicības mākts. Protams, es neesmu vēl redzējis "Gangs on New York" (un pagaidām arī neplānoju to noskatīties, pietiek jau man filmu ar Leo di Kaprio), kā arī "Jēzus pēdējo kārdinājumu", bet vismaz līdz šim neviena no Skorsēzes filmām man nav likusi atsēsties uz pēcpuses un pateikt: "Jā, tā ir lielā māksla!"
2007-01-25 00:00:00
film, 2006