Nathalie Sarraute

The Golden Fruit

It`s quite hard to imagine a novel least likely to be readable than "The Golden Fruit". Reasons for it being weird are quite plain - the novel doesn`t have anything remotely similar to a plot, nor does it have any heroes. Basically it`s a novel about a novel, depicting how a book lives it`s life from the moment of publication when no one knows about it to the highest popularity when everyone claims that it`s as good as Shakespeare to total slamming and calling it a worthless piece of thripe to being completely forgotten. Had Nathalie Sarraute bothered to add some hereos with "tags" aka names and some sort of personalities it could have been an awful lot of fun, but as it is - it`s just awfully difficult to read. The book consists of small separate pieces of dialogue and of some short inner monologues (about the latters I`m not sure whether they belong to one, two or twenty persons). Overall it`s a very, very, very strange book that does push the limits of a novel quite strongly, yet I have to admit that it`s a bit too experimental for me - sort of similar to Captain Beefheart`s music - I am aware that it is very daring and original, yet I just can`t enjoy it. Had I been using a system of ratings where I would differenciate between the overall quality of the book and my own feelings about it, it would become more clear what I want to say by this, but since that`s not my sort of attitude, I can`t do nothing but rate this book as average, although it`s very far from it.
2006-03-20 00:00:00
book, 1963