Richard Lester

A Hard Day`s Night

From David Bowie to the Beatles. A few months ago, I don`t really know when, I saw "Help!" which strangely is not reviewed below. Anyway that was a totally dull movie showcasing bad screenplay, terrible acting and very little on the positive side. This film here is actually less tight in the plot department - basically it consists of sketches, so to say, in the most typical British tradition. What the film pretends to do is to show a typical day in the life of the Beatles. They travel on a train, lose Paul`s perverse and a bit crazy granddad, break up, run away from gazillions of crazed girls - that`s the kind of stuff that you see here. Of course, it`s not the real Beatles we see - they just keep to their public manufactured image, but what the heck - the film has its share of laughs, absolutely no deeper meaning, and, hell, were those four dudes from Liverpool some fine lads! What I don`t really like is the lipsynching - I would certainly prefer some live performances on the film but as far as I understand, it wasn`t a popular thing to do on films at the time. By the way - is it now? I`m not so sure `bout that.
2004-06-30 00:00:00
film, 1964