Sean Penn

The Pledge

I might have been a person that would think - Oh, this film has Jack Nicholson in it, he`s such a brilliant actor, I absolutely must see it! Or I might have been another kind of person that would think - Oh my god, Sean Penn - a brilliant actor - directed this film and he even got Jack Nicholson and Benicio del Torro to starr in his film. But in fact I watched it because its based on a novel by Friedrich Duerrenmatt. Sadly it`s not a comedy but a piece of crime/drama. And that`s not the thing I love Duerrenmatt for. Ok, I didn`t have no bad feelings because of this film being a thriller/crime movie, but it just didn`t work as well as it would be in the case of a comedy. So we have this retired cop (Nicholson) who has given a pledge to find the murderer and rapist of a little girl. The police find the supposed killer - a mad Indian but the old fox can`t believe that it`s the real killer, but after the guy commits suicide he has no way of prooving that the Indian wasn`t the guy he`s looking for. So he starts an investigation of his own and becomes too involved and partly goes crazy himself. The film was interesting to watch and until the very end I couldn`t know who the killer was, but actually it wasn`t more than a crime movie - and crime movies don`t sell like hotcakes in terms of rating points.
2005-04-11 00:00:00
film, 2001

Into the Wild

Kurš cilvēks gan nekad nav domājis par aizbēgšanu prom no civilizācijas - tur, džunģļos, tuksnesī, ledājos, kur neviens nekāps tavā dvēselē, neuzdos muļķīgus jautājumus un neizrādīs savu pārākumu? Kurš cilvēks gan nekad nav vēlējies izjust dabas pirmatnību, nomest liekās drēbes, liekās saistības, liekos priekšmetus un dzīvot pilnīgā harmonijā ar sevi pašu?
2008-02-21 10:11:09
film, 2007