Sex Pistols

Never Mind The Bollocks

A true classic, this one. Probably the Pistols weren`t a real band but clearly a bunch of marketed kids whom the mastermind villain Malcolm McLaren used in his evil scheme to portray punk as a return of the worst traditions of teenybop, forming a group of "pretty" or rather "punk" looking kids who didn`t know how to play their instruments, how to sing or how to do the poo-poo. But in fact they did know how to play and they did know how to write pretty catchy songs. Not all of the tracks on this album are brilliant but there`s surely enough of songs that will make you jump around as if your ass was on fire and destroy the passerby, the EMI and the Queen (especially that John Deacon, he`s such a bigmouth who doesn`t know where the duck stops). Highlights: "Holidays in the Sun", "God Save the Queen" (marvelous), "Anarchy in the UK", "Pretty Vacant", "EMI". I can`t say that this album is particulary diverse, but it`s so punk, so "I don`t care" in every way that I can`t say No to it.
2005-05-17 00:00:00
music, 1977

The Great Rock`n`Roll Swindle

"Lielā rokenrola krāpšana" ir filma par/ar Sex Pistols un dubultalbūms. Šoreiz - par albūmu. Tas nav īsts Sex Pistols albūms, jo Džonijs Rotens tajā atteicās piedalīties (vēlāk būs skaidrs - kāpēc), bet tas nekas - pārējie dalībnieki neatteicās piedalīties.
2008-01-11 16:16:39
music, 1979