Simon and Garfunkel

Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.

Pols Saimons un Arts Garfankels muzicēja kopā jau kopš skolas gadiem, kad viņi viņi uzstājās ar, manuprāt, visai lāmisko nosaukumu "Tom & Jerry". Tolaik viņi izskatījās šādi:
2012-02-23 17:00:51
music, 1964


The film "Almost Famous" is probably responsible for me ever listening to this record. Yet I don`t really get why it`s supposed to be as good as it`s supposed to be. Ok, there are some brilliant songs on the record - tracks like "America" and "Mrs Robinson" are just top level. "A hazy shade of winter" is very good as well, I also like "Fakin` It" and, maybe, "At the zoo" as well. But some of the tracks make so little sense that it`s hard to make less sense than they do. For instance who would care to listen to "Voice of old people" - a track on which you hear... voices of old people. Man is it amazing to listen to some old farts! The record may have its positive aspects but some songs on it would never allow it to be an instant classic.
2005-06-13 00:00:00
music, 1968