book — Russia — 1835

There are three major stories in this book. The first one is entitled "Taras Bulba" - a heroic story about some imaginary (or real? who cares?) person out of the Ukrainian history. Man, this ain`t no hero for me - a dude that beats up his wife, drinks all the time and kills everybody including his own son is a maniac by my standarts. The rest of the book is pretty okey, including the story behind the first Soviet horror film - "Vij" (name of the creature). Creepy but lots of fun as well. And the third one is about two stupid old man who lose their friendship and start an everlasting quarrel due to some complete stupidity. Overall attitude - if you forget about the "Taras" thripe it`s quite good but otherwise - yuk!
Quote from "Vij": In Kiev, the women who run staIIs in the market are aII witches.
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