Ein Hungerkuenstler
book — Austria — 1922

Let`s analyse each story separately (although they are quite close to each other in terms of style). The Sentence - a mystery about a man, who has a friend in Russia, and his half-crazed father. I didn`t really understand what it was supposed to mean. The Transformation - one morning a guy named Gregor awakes as a giant bug. Very dark and depressive. In der Strafkolnie - a devil-posessed officer shows to a traveler the meanest device for death penalty ever seen that is used for no apparent reason. Dreadful images appear in front of my eyes. A Starvation Artist - about man who`s starvation is a form of art. Disgusting at times, thrilling all the time. That Kafka was not a very happy person indeed. All those stories are quite amazing (although I didn`t get the meaning of the first one). An all time classic.
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