book — Austria — 1927

Do you know why Kafka is considered to be so cool? Because he never finished a novel. And despite that there are three novels of his that are put on the golden shelf of the 20th century literature. And America is one of those novels. It certainly lacks an ending but it`s not really that clear - did Mr. Kafka indeed plan ever to write one? We get to hear the story of a young boy Carl going to the States after he has impregnated a servant of his parents. Actually I chose the wrong word - she was rather impregnated through him, `cos the boy had no interest in her and she used him as a living dildo or something like that. Anyhow he met his uncle in the States who was a rich and influential fellow (and not an evil uncle, who would have predicted that!) but because of a silly misunderstanding he has to leave his uncle and start a life of his own. He teams up with two tramps - an Irishman and a French guy. He finds a job at the hotel as the elevator boy, but because of his so called friends whom he was trying to escape he has to leave the job and become a servant for a crazy fat singer that earns her money by sex. In the end Carl joins a strange theatre and goes on a train to start his work, but that`s where the story ends. And I don`t mind that, because it`s how life goes - could you really make a complete story about your life that would end with your death?
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