This here is a higly contraversial Russian play. Some people claim it to be a piece of trash that one will never remember about except for its dirty scenes, while others compare it to the best works of modern and classical literature. What`s my judgement? I`d like to tell that the truth lies in between, but it`s not the case. What does this play tell us? There`s a 14-year old boy who makes some things out of plasticine, for example, a huge penis. He has a hard time at school because of his smoking and because of him being an orphan living with his grandmother. He has a friend who pretends that he get laid all the time but that is not true, of course. Almost everyone in the play uses a rude language. And perversion is on every corner. At the very beginning there`s a coffin with a child in a room which the main hero enters, and an elderly woman starts slinging him for coming too close to her in order trying to rub his dinky against her. And later he and his friend are raped by two drunk men. Yeah, and in the end the main hero is also killed by one of them. Great? I don`t think so. The only parallel I can find for this play is "400 blows" by F.Truffaud (that`s a film actually but who cares) only this play here has nothing to offer except for a child touching a womans womb and the hurt of a penis entering his anus. I guess, "this ain`t no technological breakdown, oh no, this is the road to hell".
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