Teoriya Zapoya

We`re going alternative. Jim Jarmush my ass! A completely unknown Russian film having less than 20 votes at the IMDB is alternative enough. What would the English title sound like? I guess there is no right ford for "zapoy". Hell! In a Russian film you can guess what kind of theory to expect - theory of long term drinking! And here we have it - Vitaly, an airplane pilot leaves his wife and especially his mother in law when they have disturb him while he had a hangover. He goes to his friend - a drunken philosopher who lives the next door and starts a drinking party there. His wife meanwhile guided by her mother finds a new lover, but it doesn`t go very well with him either, since her mother wants to give instructions even while the couple should be making love. Some other moments are also good, and so are the songs by "Leningrad" - a very controversial Russian punk band. Acting kinda sucks - you can clearly feel that those guys got very little bucks for their work, but the screenplay seems to be ok - a fun comedy showcasing the Russian habbits of drinking in a somewhat different manner from "Osobennosti Nacionaljnoj Ribalki". A masterpiece this is not, but for underground Russian cinema it`s not bad.
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