The Werewolf`s Sacred Book
book — Russia — 2004

Once there was a time when I considered Viktor Pelevin my favourite writer. When I got hold of this book I thought this time to be over, never to return back. Now, a few days after reading this one I`m not sure what am I to expect from Pelevin now. On one hand, the book is thrilling, it has some very interesting strokes of word, but, on the other hand, the basic ideas are not more than recycling from Pelevin`s previous works. He doesn`t come up with very many fresh ideas, although the plot is twisted enough. What is it all about? Actually it`s a bit of a love story - she is a were-fox at the age of more than 2000 but looking like a Lolita. He is a were-wolf who works for the Russian FSB. He wants to become the uber-were-wolf but she already is the uber-were-fox. The language in the book is pretty explicit, although there`s no "explicit content" sign on the cover. I guess this novel is quite good at describing what life in modern Russia is like. Probably Mr. Pelevin is no optimist, his vision is one full of sex and drugs, but he doesn`t become too pesimistic and he certainly doesn`t preach what he wants the world to be like - that`s a very positive thing indeed.
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