Ok, I am a bit of a fan of Russian (or Eastern European) movies, but I never try to be particulary generous while rating them. This "Mars" film isn`t gonna be big in the West of course, and I`m not really sure whether it was big in the East - although it has Gosha Kutsenko - a famous russian toughguy playing a boxer who`s run away from his sport. He lands in an obscure little town named Marx (which is spelled Marks in Russian) but it`s more like Mars to him than anything else. All people in this town work in a factory that produces stuffed toys and they don`t get money for their work - but fluffy money instead. He meets a girl working in a library and a young man who wants to marry her. Boris (that`s the boxer) doesn`t have to do anything to steal the woman away. But when he leaves she commits suicide. Overall this film isn`t particulary deep and it isn`t particulary interesting. It has its moments though. But at the beginning some of the actors seem to have been prepared for at theatre performance and not a film. But it`s not bad. And I keep contradicting myself. Ok, let`s add the rating and end this discussion for good.
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