Gran Tourismo

Swedish rock music isn`t considered as the top level pop ever provided. Ok, they got ABBA, but that was way back when people differed from apes only by the fact that they mated with their females instead of those of gorrilaz (a cool band, by the way). Then there was Ace of Base, but they never recorded anything as powerful as "Ace of Spades" so why should we bother about them. Army of lovers? Nah, better try "Lovefool". That`s the song that made Cardigans famous, a thing they never would have thought to be possible, had they become a "Metal Machine Music" tribute band. Since they wrote poppy rocky stuff instead, their miracle became true, and they were not only the first band on the moon, but the first band off the moon as well. So, they came up with Gran Tourismo (Gran is the short form for grannie), a concept album about an old woman travelling all the way to Lykopping to see a football game between the local team and FC Fredrickhaven. No, there`s no granny and no football in sight, this is a bit agressive rock album with vocals by an angel. Actually the music is pretty good, but how good is pretty good anyhow? Is it worse than jolly good? And how does it compare with "quite good", "goodies" and "holy cow, what a shitty piece of cake!"? I don`t know.
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