film — Russia — 2005

This film was shown in Riga as a part of a festival of Russian films. It was supposed to be an erotic black comedy. Yet it didn`t prove to be either black, comic or erotic. More it was like some underground drama. All the points this films gets are entirely for its visual elements. For a Russian film it`s done stylistically really well, a pretty thing for the eyes for sure. Yet in terms of content it doesn`t go far beyond a music video. And a music video doesn`t go on for more than an hour. Where the filmmakers found their actors is a mystery to me, since most of them can`t act at all. And I mean what I`m saying. You shouldn`t always hire ten Tom Cruises in order to make a good film, but you can`t make a film with actors with no talent whatsoever. And its worse than neo-realism, for the great filmmakers of 1940s, 1950s that did this sort of stuff were geniuses of their work and you didn`t need a Humfrey Bogarte for "The Bicycle thief" to be a great movie. Here you only have two young dykes that pretend to be cool walking the streets and kicking the cans.
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