9-ya Rota

It`s been a while since I last saw a war movie. And it`s been a while since I last wanted to see a war film. If I had it my way I`d never watch this film at all. Why not? I`m not particulary interested in the Soviet war in Afganisthan, nor do I have a need to see Russians fighting each other all the time. The film was so boring that I couldn`t really force myself to watch it. The film is trivial as an empty set - it starts with few young guys that have just joined the army sent to a boot camp, which is full of the beautiful experience Russians call "dedovshina" - you`re told that you are shit and that you are only good enough for dying. Then they go to war, and in the end only one of them survives after heroically performed a mission that noone really needs. It`s a bit similar to me - I watched this film and that was a pain in the ass, but nobody really needed me to overgo it.
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