I was through with something like a quarter of this book when I suddenly realised that I knew what was going to happen next. And it wasn`t because the story was so predictable. It was just that I knew of the story. It goes like this - a doctor is called to a hospital but ends up with a prostitute mainly because he has some trouble with his wife (both of them admit to have had way too much interest in other people). Then he meets a friend of his whom he hasn`t seen in quite a while who happens to be playing the piano in some secret events where he needs to wear an eyepatch. So Friedolin (that`s the hero) asks the friend to let him go to the place of the secret meetings. I was on a tram where I was reading the book when it occured to me that this was a trivial story and that I had seen this on film. Then I came to the conclusion that Tom Cruise was involved in the film as Friedolin (only with a different name ). "Eyes wide shut" is the title "Traumnovelle" is nowadays known for. The book itself doesn`t tale place in America as you`d probably guess but in the Vienna on the edge of 19-20th centuries. The story itself is quite similar to what Stanley Kubrick made in the film. Even the parts with the sexual orgies are there. I won`t say this is the greatest story I`ve ever read but it was quite interesting for sure.
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