film — South Korea — 2004

This is a film that I almost went to see when I went to King Kong instead. After failing to convince my girlfriend to go and watch this film I had to watch it at home and all by myself. I am personally far from the most Eastern-oriented person in the world but I thought: why can`t this Korean movie be great if everyone who has seen it claims that it is. A young fellow lives by breaking into empty houses and living there for a few days (or until the owners return). He sometimes repairs some stuff in the house which he has broken into and he also waters the plants. But what he doesn`t know is that when he breaks into a huge mansion is that the house isn`t empty at all... If you thought this was supposed to lead you to a horror story about dead chicks you`re dead wrong. A woman is in fact present in the house but she`s neither dead nor haunted, she`s just sad, unhappy and she doesn`t speak very much (neither does the lead character who doesn`t say a word during the entire film). When the husband of the woman arrives the young fellow hits him with golf balls (using a 3-Iron club) and escapes together with the woman. Eventually they get arrested and the guy is charged for murder (they find a dead man in one of the houses they`ve broken in). In the end he`s freed from prison and he returns to the house where the woman lives with her husband but he has achieved some ability of being invisible to people so the husband doesn`t see him. Therefore the husband thinks that his wife has suddenly come to her senses and started to enjoy the life with him but in reality she`s cheating on him with the boy. The film suffers from its main strength - the untrivial attitude and choice of techniqe - it`s brilliant but it`s boring. I`m surely happy that I didn`t watch it at a cinema for I`m sure that almost everyone whom I might have dragged along would find this a terrible way to spend his/her time.
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