The Helm of Horror
book — Russia — 2005

Despite the fact that everybody and his grandmother has at least once proclaimed that the time of Pelevin were over he still always manages to bounce back and produce something truly worth reading. In his latest novel Pelevin once again takes a comfortable use of modern technologies. The first case when he did it was in the short story "The prince of the government plan" about a man playing "Prince of Persia". Then there was "Generation Pi" where the whole political scene of Russia was rendered by computers. Finally in the "Transitional Period" he wrote a monologue from a girl in a porno site. And now "The helm of horror" is written in a form of a chat discussion. Still this isn`t a simple chat because the number of users is limited, they can`t change their nicknames, they can`t leave the chat and they can interrupt one another - a thing impossible in a realistic chat. There`s a whole eight of them including a man named Monstrodamus, a Romeo, an Ariadna, an orthodox Christian woman named Ugli 666, a computer expert Nutrcracker, a woman of passion named Isolda, a strange fellow under the name of Organizm and drunk chat geek who uses the ugly chatter lexicon that i hate the most. The reasons for the whole situation lie in the fact that the eight people are inside a labyrinth in which the Minotaurus dwells. Every one of the characters has a labyrinth of his own next to his room. For one it is the windows screensaver "Maze", for another - a labyrinth in a park, for someone - a dead end with a chair, a loaded gun and a piece of paper. The problem is that no one knows where Theseus, the murderer of Minotaurus is. Yet they suspect that both Minotaurus and Theseus are among them. The deepest problem thou lies in the fact that everyone of them, including Minotaurus are inside the helm of horror which lies on the head of Minotaurus, therefore both Minotaurus and Theseus are a part of Minotaurus (similarly to a set of all sets which includes itself as a part of itself). The book is short, easy to read, but hard to understand. This time Pelevin doesn`t go too much for sex but much more for the content, and he`s a master of that for sure. Very good, I say.
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