Master and Margaret 5-7

As the series pass over the equator the speed of the watching increases. While on the first two days I found two episodes a suffiecient dose on the third day I watched a whole three of them. In terms of content we start with Master still talking to Bezdomny and coming to the conclusion of his quite unhappy life. After that we travel to Jerusalem and see the death of Jeshua and Mathew trying to save his masters body in order to bury it. The rest of the episode mostly deals with tricks performed by Begemoth and Koroviev - the singing office, the working suit, the changing money etc. Episode six brings Berliozes uncle into the cursed apartments, the owner of the bar at the Variete also arrives. We see quite a lot of topless Gella who apparantely doesn`t have a scar on her throat which is a fact that I don`t understand. Closer to the end of the episode Margaret meets Azazello, that`s a very professionally done scene in my opinion. And at the end of the episode she turns into a witch and by does that quite convincingly. Since the film isn`t designed for adults only certain parts of the image are blurred. What concerns the technological aspect I can`t say that everything is done flawlessly but on the other hand true art doesn`t lie in millions of dollars spent for it. Episode seven brings us Voland`s ball. The events before it are done quite in an amateurish manner but the ball itself is quite good. Once again the makers of the film went for decency and put Margaret into a weird clothing from metal so she wouldn`t be naked, the suit itself is quite funny but once again I try to separate technology from message. In short - I still like the film although there are some things that I would have preferred to be done differently.
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