Master and Margaret 8-10

Finally the series comes to the logical ending. Episode 8 I found to be the best of the whole ten. But after that things got quite silly. I have absolutely no idea why the filmmakers needed to insert bits from old video chronics in the film, they appeared absolutely out of place and had no real purpose. The last episode was even worse (the biggest part of the chronics appeared in the 9th part) - it seemed that the director had to make 50 more minutes but had the need for only 10 minutes, so everything drags for way too long and goes absolutely nowhere.
Now when I`ve watched everything I`m ready for the final judgement. First, I have to admit that Bortko has done better - while "A dog`s heart" remains a true classic of modern cinema, "Master and Margaret" is just a film, nothing more. The casting was almost perfect, although I would have preferred a younger Pilate. Jeshua who has been criticized by many experts I found to be just like he needed to be. Special effects were a bit low-budget and the cat was almost a disaster. The score to the film was good but it was too limited - the number of compositions was quite low and they got repeated several times without any changes - I would have preferred reappearance of the same theme but in different keys, in different moods, with changing instrumentation etc. The text of the novel was followed quite closely and there was close to no modern Russian propoganda which I find a very positive aspect. Certainly worth watching but I would never advise anyone to watch the film before reading the book.
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