Bednyy, Bednyy Pavel
film — Russia — 2003

Once in a while I want to watch a film that wouldn`t require too many brain cells of me. Well, actually, I want to watch such a film most of the time for after a long day at work or at the university I`m usually not in the mood for Ingmar Bergman or something like that. One of the least demanding genres of cinematography is historical films. This sort of films mostly revolves around fancy dresses, pretty palaces and sexy women, thus leaving the brain problems behind. "Poor, poor Pavel" is a prime example for such a film. Well, maybe not for this film isn`t really about fancy dresses but about sick Russian minds. You see, the Russian emperor Pavel the First wasn`t really in his right mind, he had some visions about the way his country should be led yet being a bit childish and brutal at some moments he couldn`t really be loved by his people which led to him being murdered in a very broad conspiracy which was led by a certain count Palen (who happens to be a Baltic German, if I got that right). No one would expect such a film to be something staggering but it`s quite a good way to spend an evening with a visual form of history (since I had seen a documentary about Pavel the First, I knew the story pretty well and watched the film much more as a documentary film than as a dramatic piece).
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