Finally I`m over The Cure


For many months according to my favourite band was The Cure (by favourite I mean - most listened to). Now at last it has slipped to the second place and has been overtaken by Alice Cooper. I may not be a rabid fan of the Coop but I certainly like him more than the Cure, so that is a positive change. Of course, it will take some time for other bands that I dig to reach similar heights but at least one thing now seems pretty sure - with Alice on the rise it is unlikely that "Uriah Heep" will ever reach the number one spot. If it were up to me I wouldn`t listen to the Heep at all anymore but as my policy is to listen to every record in my collection in a chronological order I know that at least two Heep albums are still to follow.
As for other artists in my top, now I can see that artists that I do find very good are finally taking over from the ones I don`t give a damn about. For example "Pink Floyd" (which I adore) has now caught NOFX (which I don`t care much about).