Impressions on the Skonto - FK Riga match


It was in January when I decided to go to at least one Latvian top league match this season and last Saturday I finally did.
It was the 5th day match of FC Skonto against FK Rīga at the Skonto stadium. In addition to Sergejs together with whom we had decided what match to go to N.R. went along, although he is certainly isn`t a fan of any kind of sports.
I`m not gonna write an essay about the flow of the match but will make here a few points about the aspects which I found the most important about the game:

  • the price of the entrance tickets of 3 lats (4.33 EUR) to my understanding doesn`t correspond to the quality of football played there (as the quality of football is rather poor)
  • in comparison to what I remember from the Latvian Cup final that I saw some 8 years ago, now there are more supporters in football in Riga, there is at least some chanting going on and for most of the time during the game you can`t hear what the players are shouting one to another
  • The quality of the pitch on the Skonto stadium was quite good and there can`t be any complaints regarding it
  • Meanwhile the play on the field was pretty much chaotic and at least I didn`t get the feeling that both clubs had much of a tactic for the game (especially that goes for Skonto which played with almost no thought at all)
  • The dynamics of the game were rather poor and there were only a few episodes which were really fun to watch (even the bicycle kick with which the game winning goal was scored was kinda sloppy).
  • A positive side was that now it is not allowed to smoke in stadiums.
  • I`m not sure that this is the kind of football I want to see often in the future.