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This morning I went to the bank (Hansbanka) in order to pay for my new passport (I need a copy of the receipt to show tomorrow in the passport department, thus simple paying through Internet will not do). As it was quite early there weren`t any people in the bank. But the bank employee strongly advised me not to transfer money through their bank. Money transfer will cost you 3.8 lats which is way too much for such an operation (from one bank to another), especially as the sum is relatively low - 15 lats. So you can pay in the internet bank, print out the receipt and have it stamped in your bank." At first I tried to persuade the woman that I`m willing to pay those extra lats in order to save effort but as she repeatedly advised me to use the internet bank, I gave in.
I certainly like the aproach of encouraging people to use internet banks, but it still was kinda weird.