Thank you, dear Mr. Rudaks!


Last Saturday it was an unpleasant surprise for me when I noticed that I had misplaced the front panel of our car stereo. We looked for it everywhere but it was not to be found. We tried asking all our friends whether they had seen this missing panel at their place - as I do have a strong tendency to lose my stuff it wouldn`t be a surprise - but it was nowhere.

By today morning I was almost sure that the panel was gone and I was already thinking about placing an ad for selling the old panel-less stereo on the web when I suddenly saw the panel lying peacefully on the table next to the PC. How could it have got here? - I wondered.

The answer was rather simple - the panel had been pressed between the huge book by Uldis Rudaks - "Roccupation" and the wall and it seemed that there was no place between the wall and the book and only by picking the book up the panel would have been revealed (as it`s naturally rather thin) and when I put the book on the shelf where it belonged some minutes earlier I didn`t notice the missing panel.

Anyhow all is well that ends well and now we once again will be able to listen to crappy radio music when driving around.