Latest news on the Latvian web and in my life


1) Finally someone has REALLY tried to perform the salad washing experiment (for those who were kept in a box - to test whether it is practically possible to wash old salad and present it as new salad). Unlike my "toilet made" money washing experiment, the one performed at TV3 was done professionally and with good results. Thus I consider it officially proven that if you want to you CAN wash and sell as new all kinds of salad (except for cheese salad), and now I officially declare that I will not be buying salad in Latvian supermarkets in near future. Not that I was much of a salad buyer before.
2) There`s been quite a lot of database stealing events on the web recently - first it was the users database, then - from Mozaīka (the gay and lesbians support group) and now - from As a person that doesn`t have anything to do with any of these groups I`m not among the ones who have suffered yet I dare saying that this is turning to be quite a problem. The biggest sh*t is, off course, with the Mozaīka database as those fellas for some reason asked their users submitting lots of sensitive data - including the home address, UID, info about their employment etc. Personally if I were one of the people in this database I`d sue Mozaīka for careless attitude towards my private data. So they`re lucky that I`m not gay.
3) The past few weeks I`ve been almost non-stop working on banners, banners and more banners. This does get quite overwhelming, I say.
4) I still have no exact plans for the upcoming weekend. Staying at home is out of question but I need some ideas ASAP.