How I nearly got hit in the face


Yesterday like always I`m cycling home from work on Kr.Valdemara street. The weather is quite unpleasant - wet, raining and rather cold. There`s a crossing with a street of a lower priority, I`m riding on the street, and not on the pavement, so I consider myself in the same priority as a car (like I theoretically should). On the lower priority street there`s a car that wants to make the right turn. I cross the street without giving the way to it, as I consider to be right according to traffic rules. Some creep from the car yells at me: "You faggot! Where do you think you`re going?" I`m offended and show him the finger and drive on. The dude in the car (and his pal next to him) gets angry, but I ride on. When I`m on the middle of the Vanšu bridge, they drive by me slowly yelling something from the car about my behaviour, and as they are in way of other cars, several other drivers start honking my "pals".
On the end of the bridge I see them driving into Ķīpsala and stopping on the bus stop, getting out of the car and waiting for me. So I don`t go into Ķīpsala and drive around. I see them waiving for me to come over to talk to them, but for some reason I`m not in the mood to get to know them better. So they get back into the car and drive in my direction, so that we would eventually meet in the middle of Kalnciema street. So we meet and they get out of the car again and go at me: "What are you thinking by showing the finger like that?" - "And why did you call me a faggot then?" - "But you rode like a faggot!" - "I rode according to the rules." - "But you be careful when showing people the finger." (of course, everything was spoken in Russian and not in English)
So they got back into the car and the conversation was over. What was I to learn from that?
1) Maybe it`s better when someone insults you not to do anything back as people who insult you are usually very sensitive people and don`t like to be insulted themselves.
2) If you do reply to such insults, think of a plan on how to evade meeting your "friends" again (as it could very well happen that these people could come again with baseball bats and that would be painful).