Lost in the Supermarket


Im all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for that special offer
A guaranteed personality
Im all tuned in, I see all the programmes
I save coupons from packets of tea
Ive got my giant hit discoteque album
I empty a bottle and I feel a bit free

As you either know or don`t know this is a song by one of the greatest bands ever - The Clash.

Personally it`s been already a while for me since I discovered that bigger != better. The smaller the store, the faster you`re out from it and the less likely you`re to buy some crap that you didn`t need in the first place. Supermarkets usually waste both your money and your time. Ok, sometimes it is cheaper to shop in a supermarket but money is nothing more than pieces of paper (or nowadays - bytes of information on your credit card).

I don`t claim to spend most of my time meaningful. I`m not a yuppie. I don`t have plans for every microsecond. Time is not money for me. But time wasted on something that gives you neither pleasure nor profit, nor gives it to people you love, is wasted time anyway.

You can surely guess that there`s just one reason why I posted this entry here - to spam about The Clash.
By the way - this is one of the best examples of mixing politicians words to a song I`ve encountered so far: