The influence of music on creative writing


To be honest, I`m cheating. When writing my new series of stories there should be one specific record that I should be listening to as a soundtrack to it. So far I haven`t been doing it. I tried to repeat one song on my playlist infinity when writing the second part today, but somehow it didn`t bring creatively satisfying results. I also tried to listen to one of the albums of "Ļeņingrad" (it was disastrous as Shnur seems to be killing all kinds of creativity within me) and afterwards - "Combat Rock" by "The Clash". The latter also wasn`t much of a success, as it is a rather crappy album, I gotta say. So I`m thinking that the main rule for music to be good in order to improve creativity is for it to be good. It can be good thrash metal and it can be good dance-pop, that doesn`t matter that much (although it does affect the mood of the writing), but it being good is a crucial requirement. So I ended up writing without any soundtrack whatsoever, as no music is better than bad music.