Everyday signs of a crisis or just coincidences?


Fact number one: in the barbershop (hair stylist saloon or any other name you can give it) on the other side of the street from my work there were no customers when I came for a haircut yesterday, and none arrived while I had the hair cut. Normally the place isn`t crowded, but I had never seen it THAT deserted.
After the work we went for lunch/dinner at the "Vērmanītis" LIDO, which had not more than 50% of people you were likely to see in this establishment a couple of months ago.
And one more observation - two out of the last three times when I went to the central Riga library (on Brīvības str.) due to technical failures it wasn`t possible to check out any books. Today when I was told at the library that all I could do was leave the books that I had read and take no new books, I expressed my observation that they`ve been having such problems often lately (based upon just two observations), and got a reply that this truly is the case (so probably there were more instances of these problems).
I`m not making any conclusions, just writing down my observations.