A Saturday geocaching trip


We got up at around eight in the morning and just before ten we were ready to go. The trip was undertaken in our regular squad - the s3ped team + Kazhe&Liencha team (including the most avid geocaching dog). We idea was simple - first go to the Engure lake nature park, rent a boat on the lake, then go further by the lake, see some wildlife, then - to Mērsrags and from there - back to Riga via Tukums. For some reason I`m too lazy to write anything more about it - I`ve already given the basic facts. I can only add that for a couple of times we got into heavy rain, looked for some really nasty shitcaches, we`re attacked by a wild cow and for a couple of hours dreamed about hotdogs. In the evening we went back to Riga, where most of the participants fell asleep during a Swedish film. That was one pleasant Saturday, so I would say, although you probably wouldn`t be able to understand that from this too brief description.