Viedi vārdi no veca vīra mutes


Robert Wyatt ir viens no maniem absolūti lielākajiem elkiem. Un viens no tiem mūziķiem, kurus man diez vai jebkad būs lemts redzēt uzstājamies dzīvajā. Kaut tāpēc vien, ka jau kopš astoņdesmitajiem gadiem Vaiats koncertus nesniedz vai arī sniedz gaužām reti.

"I don`t feel depressed! What I am is...pissed off that I`m probably not going to see a post-colonial era. One thing I remember from my childhood is that my parents` generation thought "Ah thank god, that`s the end of racism, and empire and all that stuff, and now we can have a new world of equality and mutual respect…The empire was disintegrating, it was turning into the Commonwealth and the Americas seemed to becoming more democratic and so did the Australians. It seemed like the world was becoming more decent.
And then this thing creepy thing came along, where a kind of financial empire began to replace the military one. Lead from the United States. A pretty ruthless predatory economic approach. And the Americans became the most powerful people in the world, and became the role model for everyone else. I think it perverted everything. And of course economic power has to be constantly reinforced with military power otherwise people tell you to piss off. Every military enterprise that we`ve been involved in in the last 50 years, though in the guise of ridding the world of bad men, has been about not letting people get control of their own resources. But of course you can`t say that. You can`t say, "We don`t want Iraqis and Iranians to own their own oil because we want to own it." Who`s going to let you go to war on that basis? Nobody. So it`s not just the crime that`s annoying, it`s the bollocks that goes with it."