No more blog entries about China


I`m giving up - I can`t force myself to complete the China travel diaries, as honestly it seems that there`s not much point to it - writing doesn`t go very smoothly and I have to force myself to complete each sentence. I`ll probably write a short summary to Ardalan (my penpal in Iran), but as for the rest of the story - if there happened to be someone reading my description, Liene`s one in her blog is much more readable and much more fun than mine. I usually consider myself a rather good documentary writer, but this time I feel myself that I`m failing and I`m not so sure that I want to fail more. I suppose it`d be much more fun for myself to go on with the China drawings/comics than writing about whom we saw in Fenghuang and how did a squished tapeworm taste. So - for now on - I`m switching back to writing in Latvian. It was certainly a useful practice to write in English for a while, but - if I`m getting no kicks from it, I guess I`ve proven my point (if there was one), and - that`s it.