Andre Kubiczek

Young Talents

Less (that`s a name) is a young man/boy living in the GDR of 1980s. After a brief encounter with his cousine Radost he goes to Eastern Berlin to live with his uncle Wanja (who`s full name is Werner, so he ain`t no Russkie). Anyhow it`s a bit of a change for a young man from a tiny town somewhere in the country. He gets to meet an anarchist philosopher, a crappy and boring poet and a punk named Beck. He also has relationships with two girls - one of them a nice girl named Irene and another - a cool chick named Dani. The most remarkable thing about the book is the fact that choruses of famous punk rock songs of the era sometimes appear in the text. So are people that like "The Exploited" or some other half-obscure punk bands among the characters. I presume this book could be best described as hip. Yet not being a particulary hip person myself I found it to be kinda dumb and not particulary interesting. Therefore goodbye and thanks for all the fish!
2005-10-13 00:00:00
book, 2002