Captain Beefheart

Safe as Milk

"Safe as Milk" is the debut album from one of the most eccentric, bizarre, original, mindblowing, uncommercial and his-own-path-going musicians of the 1960s and 1970s - Captain Beefheart. His most famous record of course is the nearly insane "Trout Mask Replica", therefore you could be expecting something different from Don van Vliet (that`s Mr Beefhearts real name) and his trusty "Magic Band". You see, "Safe as Milk" is really a safe record and it`s nowhere near to the hilarious absurdity of "Trout Mask Replica". In essence it`s nothing more than a solid blues record. And Beefy himself sounds on here already as an old man, although he was only 25 when he recorded this stuff. When you listen to stuff like "Sure Nuff N Yes I Do", you don`t care whether Captain B was taking the stuff he played seriously or not, whether this all was supposed to be a pun or not, just just enjoy his eclectic performance.
2007-10-31 17:22:09
music, 1967