film — USA — 1932

A film by the director of the original Dracula (Tod Browning). Not that I have seen the vampire movie, but now I`ve seen `Freaks`. The plot isn`t really great - a beautiful female circus performer pretends to fall in love with a dwarf because of the dwarve`s wealth. And she gets punished for it. But neither the plot, nor the partly silly acting is the main attraction of the film. It`s about the freaks - which are real and not some stupid Hollywood special effects - as a matter of fact, what special effects could one create back in 1932? The film features a man without limbs, siamese twins, a bearded woman, a human skeleton, many dwarves, etc., etc. Scary it may seem and so it was designed to be. By the way, this here is not the full version of the film - originally it was about 90 minutes long but later was cut to 64 minutes. I really don`t know how disturbing the rest of the film must have been if even after the cut the film is still creepier than most horror flicks. Yeah, and it was banned in the UK for 30 years. Does that say something to you (althogh there`s no rude language or naked skin around for miles)?
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