The Butterfly Effect
film — USA — 2004

A man travels to the past to make life better than it was before. Sounds silly and familiar? No, in this case it doesn`t. Aston Kusher - Jesse from "Dude, where`s my car?" is good at portraying Evan, the guy with his blackouts. And the plot is also quite amazing. I probably can say that the ending was a bit too happy, but on the other hand - it was just perfect (although Evan ending up locked up in a mental hospital for life would be another good option). Anyway, the fat goth person is really nice. Sometimes there may be some dangerous plot holes around that could happen because of Evan changing his past but they are not too big and everything could be explained in the terms of the logic of the film. A heart felt film it seems to me, no matter what the critics say that decided to call it a flop. After all, who am I to obey the general critical opinion - to believe that `Citizen Kane` is the best film of all times, battling only with `Godfather`?
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