My Life To Live

What is wrong with me - it`s the second film about a woman becoming a prostitute in something like 30 last hours. Not that it was an intention of mine, but here go the facts. And it`s the second black-and-white film about prostitues. And the leading woman is pretty again. And it`s a French film again. Only this time she (called Nana) doesn`t end up like this just because of fun. It`s for the money. And it`s not as surreal as a film by Bunuel. Jean-Luc Godard is the director of this one. It`s organised in chapters some of which are very short while other last some time. No explicit scenes around, but it doesn`t make the film easier. To be honest, it doesn`t make the film better or worse. Not a great sensation for me. Well, one part is stands out - it`s when all the basic facts about prostitution are given - what the prices are, what do the laws say, etc. Anna Karina plays Nana (not that I have seen some other films with her but I might see some soon - after all I`m a bit into French movies). First she works at a record store and wants to become a professional actress but it doesn`t work out well for her and she starts living from her body. A pimp named Raoul takes her under his protection, but when he sells her to some other people Nana gets killed.
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