Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness

It seems to be a cult movie, although I don`t know what`s so great about it. Basically what we have here is a horror-comedy which is not very scary and not very funny most of the time. Some S-Mart dude who has cut off his hand and replaced it with a chainsaw gets inside a timewarp and finds himself in the fourteenth century where he must fight army of the dead. What stands out? Monsters (the so called `dead`) are made out of rubber. Nice, isn`t it? There are some skeletons (lots of them in fact) and they move something like one frame per second. If that`s OK with you in some scenes where the skeletons are not too close to the camera it can be clearly seen that they are indeed men in grey overalls with bones painted on them. I have to admit that at least some part of this must be done on purpose. But I still think that terrible acting and silly phrases by the leading character Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) are not entirely a gag, for the same actor had worked on the prequels of the film which were plain horror movies and I guess he must have acted like that in those films as well.
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