Three Colours: Blue
film — France — 1993

The first part of the famous trilogy by Krzystof Kyslovsky. Juliette Binoche who also played in `The Unbearable Lightness of Being` plays a woman who loses her husband and child in a car accident (just like in 21 Grams). After that she doesn`t spend much time around other people (just like in 21 Grams) and has her freedom. Of course, the similarities with the 21G movie end pretty fast for in a European movie it is not a strange thing by any means that she has sex with her husbands best friend just to tell him that he doesn`t need her. The husband was a composer although it seems that his wife was the author of most of his works. There`s also a strip dancer who lives in the same house as the central widow and gets scared when she notices her father among the spectators of the show. The deceased husband turns out to have cheated on his wife for a few years and his girlfriend is pregnant but the reaction of the Binoche character is nothing like what you could expect from a Hollywood movie (for it ain`t no Hollywood movie). The images are very interesting, mainly there`s focus on the blue colour for it`s what the title says. Another thing to mention - the ending is quite similar to that of Donnie Darko (as camera passes from one person to another). And it`s the blue of loneliness and only partly the blue of hope we`re talking about.
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