Hard-boiled Wonderland/End of the World
book — Japan — 1985

First thing to mention - it`s one novel and not two novels, although it may seem that they are completely different. Every second chapter in the book comes from the first novel and every other - from the second. Wait, I said that there was only one novel. It`s not that easy to tell not only because of the structure but much more because of the content. On the first glance they seem to have nothing in commong - Wonderland is about a dude who works for the government in the area of untraditional cryptography while the other one tells about a man who arrives in a city that can`t be left. Lots of stuff happens in Wonderland while nothing happens at the end of the world. Unicorns, jazz and rock`n`roll, sex with a librarian and no sex with a granddaughter of a scientist, strange creatures living in the underground, old dreams, a man separated from his shadow, more unicorns, an old colonel who plays chess, crackers and much more can be found in the book. Not to be read by a person that has no interest in music, classics of the cinema and mysterical nonsense. Very good, Simon says. Not for everybody though.
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